What is life all about?

I look around and study different people around me exhibit what they think life is all about. I am from Nigeria, some call it developed country, some undeveloped. It doesn’t matter, I am a proud Nigerian.

I just graduated from medical school and I am doing my internship in the same teaching hospital I finished from. An average Nigerian feels a medical doctor is “hot cake”, in the sense that medicine is seen as a lucrative profession and there is always demand for a medical doctor in any part of the world.

This can make a person complacent and say I think I am fine, I do not have to worry about money and comfort in general. But is life all about money or comfort? <TWEET THIS>

I see a lot of people struggling to make ends meet, some die in the process and say they are trying to provide for their family or live a legacy for generations to come by leaving possessions. Is that what life is all about?

I have seen older medical doctors who have enjoyed comfort during their time of study to become who they are, who try all their possible best to prevent the younger ones to even have a glimpse of comfort during the course of their training. They want to preserve that consultant space they have and do not want the younger ones to have it. Is that what life is all about?

I have also seen those who look at all these above, it makes no sense to them and they say “vanity is vanity”. I do not want to struggle, what to enjoy my life. This life can only be lived once, they become selfish, they die without even being missed.

So what is life about?

What does the scripture said about life- “Everyone who is called by My name, And whom I have created for My glory, Whom I have formed, even whom I have made,” (Isaiah 43:7). According to the Bible, our purpose, the reason we are here, is for God’s glory. In other words, our purpose is to praise God, worship Him, to proclaim His greatness, and to accomplish His will.

So how do I accomplish his will? This at times even causes more confusion in my heart and instead of driving me closer to God, it drives me farther away. But what I have come to know is God doesn’t want my life to be miserable, he doesn’t want yours to be too.

A life of no struggle just listening to him and following him as he directs you day by day glorifies him.

GBAM!!!- That is what life is all about. Just living your life in obedience, for you it may be leaving treasures for your generations to come, for others it may not be but still we all glorify God.

What is your life all about?


*GBAM- exclamation made in Nigeria which means to concur to or accept a statement made by another person.